Village Horse and Trader with Gun, Zimbabwean Modern Art, part of The Stars are Bright a free art exhibition in Shoreditch

Exhibition Credits

Presented by The Belvedere Trust
in conjunction with
The Theatre Courtyard Gallery
Aberfoyle Lodge
Patrick Mavros 

Producer Idili Live
Miguel Esteban and Ingrid Sutej

Georgia Ward
Chiedza Mhondoro
Jessica Ihejetoh

Design West Port Architects
Sound Design Jonathan Baker
Production Management Francesco Canossa
Venue Management Sue Winter
Exhibition Build Mark Construction Ltd 

Graphic Design Gale Foster
Website Lisa Der Weduwe
Photography Debbie Sears

Public relations London Communications Agency 

The Belvedere Trust

Who we are?

The Belvedere Trust is a grant-making organisation that supports UK charities across a wide range of causes from preservation of art history to conservation of the environment. We are about to open an interactive educational exhibition space built on the original site of The Theatre (1576-1598), the first purpose-built theatre in London; the venue, where it is thought Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet may have first been staged, will showcase one of history’s most significant literary contributors.

What we stand for?

  • Preservation of art history and the environment, often through education. We believe strongly in facilitating education in the broadest sense. We do this through conservation projects in museums, explicit educational programs, and environmental rehabilitation projects, preserving culture and learning to inspire future generations. 
  • Supporting well-run charities, of all shapes and sizes, that pursue their goals with passion, diligence, and focus. We like to build long-term relationships with organisations that demonstrate a proven track record of positive impact.

How we are involved?

The Belvedere Trust is pleased to present 'The Stars are Bright', an exhibition of exceptional paintings from the Cyrene Mission of Zimbabwe. This exhibition and collection of paintings exemplifies our values: excellence in education and inspiration of many young artists. In these difficult times we want to create a safe space for people to enjoy some sense of normalcy and a connection with the natural world. We hope the public will enjoy ‘The Stars are Bright’ exhibition as much as we have enjoyed being a part of the project.

The Theatre Courtyard Gallery

The Theatre Courtyard Gallery is a new exhibition space located at 4-6 New Inn Broadway in Shoreditch.  Classified as a Scheduled Monument by Historic England, the site incorporates the archaeological remains of London’s first purpose-built permanent playhouse, 'The Theatre', which existed from 1576 until 1598 when it was dismantled and its materials used to build the original Globe Theatre on Bankside.  For the latter part of that time, William Shakespeare performed at The Theatre with his company The Lord Chamberlain’s Men and some of his plays premiered there.  Opening in 2020 to the public, the long-term exhibition will feature the extant inner foundation wall of The Theatre (visible through a glass vision panel), together with some objects found during the archaeological excavations by the Museum of London Archaeology and loans of Elizabethan and Shakespearean artefacts, including a First Folio of Shakespeare’s work, from museums such as the V&A, the Museum of London and the National Portrait Gallery.  The Theatre Courtyard Gallery, which also manages The Theatre Courtyard Green Rooms on the adjoining Bateman’s Row, will offer an education and outreach programme featuring free school workshops, as well as other cultural activities.

Aberfoyle Lodge

Aberfoyle Lodge is situated in the Honde Valley, a very special part of Zimbabwe. With rolling tea plantations, low-lying afro-temperate forests and the Nyamkombe river surrounding the lodge, you feel as though you are in an oasis of true serenity.  Originally built in the 1950’s for tea estate managers it has since been tastefully renovated into a beautiful lodge. A purpose-built gallery, conference centre and wedding venue will be opened later in 2020.  The inaugural exhibition is expected to be The Stars are Bright: Zimbabwe through the eyes of its young painters from Cyrene (1940-1947).  Whether it is golf, birding, hiking, fishing or a myriad of other outdoor adventures, there are many ways to enjoy the unique flora and fauna. Aberfoyle Lodge is one of Southern Africa’s best birding locations, situated within an epicentre of bird diversity with a number of highly specialised species. Our chef uses produce from our organic vegetable garden and greenhouse to select the produce that he needs, ensuring that all of our ingredients are well-sourced, fresh and healthy.  With a maximum number of 50 guests you will always have a beautiful space to relax, undisturbed.

Patrick Mavros

At Patrick Mavros, creativity runs in the family.

We’re a family passionate about bringing the beauty of Africa to the world through extraordinary jewellery and sculpture in sterling silver and 18-carat gold that is exquisitely made by hand in our studio in Africa and our atelier in Mauritius. Our story began with a gift of love in the form of a handmade pair of delicate earrings that Patrick carved for his future wife. From that gift, a business was born. Forty years later, Patrick Mavros is the definitive African luxury brand.

Every one of our pieces is designed by a member of the family and we are proud to create timeless and unique heirlooms that will be handed down for generations.

Image credit: Unknown, Village Horse and Trader with Gun (photo Debbie Sears) © The Curtain Foundation